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It was a beautiful in the great country of Sindria. The sun is shining and the birds sing their songs. Walking down the halls of Sinbad’s kingdom you hummed a happy, bright melody as you were heading to Ja’far's office. You are his assistant. Your basic tasks were help file paperwork, running papers back and forth  to Sinbad or the other Generals. But it wasn’t like this. A couple months ago you use to be just a normal servant of the great kingdom. It all changed when you were suddenly called to Sinbad’s office.


Sitting in Sinbad’s office you fiddled with your fingers feeling nervous. You were a maid of the palace,  always working hard, and never goofed off.  So you were a bit scared when Sinbad wished to speak with you immediately. Sinbad sat in front of you with a big smile.

“Um… What is it that you want of me my lord?” Sinbad leaned forward, resting his arms on his desk.

“No reason to be nervous [Y/n]. I just wish to ask a favor of you.” You lift a brow at this.

“It not to sneak you a bottle of wine is it?” Sinbad jolted back into his seat and rapidly waved his hands back and forth.

“N-no no! That’s not it at all!” You let out a sigh.

“Then what is it?” Sibad sat back in his chair, resting his right elbow on the arm, then resting his head on his hand.

“It’s my general Ja’far. I think he needs an assistant.” Your eyes widen. You have seen this general around the palace. Always deep in work, most of the time yelling at king Sinbad.

“Aaaaand why did you call me hear then?” Sinbad let out a soft chuckle and rolled his eyes.

“I want you to be his assistant.” Your eyes widen as big as his golden earrings that hung from his ears.

“EEEEEEEHH!!?” After a while of talking Sibad had convinced you to take the position. He smiled from ear to ear as he hands you a uniform that looks just like the one Ja’far wears. Going to your room you changed into the uniform, then came back and Sinbad basically tackle hugged you.

“KYAAAA [Y/N] YOU LOOK LIKE A MINI JAFAR!!” You tired to get out of his grip but you couldn’t really grab onto anything or grab his arm to make him let go of you because the sleeves to the were too long and so went past your hands. There was a knock at the door.

“Sin.” Sinbad lets go of you but kept a hand on your shoulder. You glared up at him as he still had that big smile on his face.

“Come in Ja’far.” You  watched as he open the door looking a bit tired, and annoyed.

“Sin what is it that you..” He cuts himself off when he see’s you. Heat could be felt from your cheeks as you felt embarrassed for him or anyone to see you like this. “Sin what is going on?” Sinbad chuckled as he lead you closer towards Ja’far.

“Ja’far this is [Y/n], and she is going to be your new assistant.” Tilting your head up slightly you could see how his eyes widen in surprise.

“Assistant.” You take a deep breath then looked face to face with the white haired man.

“It’s a pleasure to be of assistance to you master Ja’far. I promise to work hard.”

~End Flashback~

Within those months you have done your best to help out the overworked general, even at times you would do things to help him relax. Doing small things like bringing him tea, or every once in a while you would scold Sinbad for him. But along with those couple of months you have developed feelings for the pale skinned, white haired man, along with these feelings, you have become worried of his health.


You knocked of the door to Ja’far’s working quarters, then entered.

“Good morning master Ja’far. How are you this beautiful morning?” Your bright happy smile disappeared when you saw Ja’far passed out on his desk covered with paperwork. Letting out a sigh you walk over and gently shook him.

“Master. Master Ja’far.” Ja’far let out a groan then slowly opened his eyes.

“Master did you stay up all night working again?” You frowned as he slowly sat up in his chair. Noticing that his cheeks were slightly flushed.

“I had to. Sinbad neglected his work again and so I had to take care of it.” He let out a few coughs. You placed your hand to his forehead.

“Master you’re burning up.”Ja’far pulled your hand away.

“I’m fine [Y/n].” You puffed your cheeks.

“No you’re not. I’m sorry Master Ja’far but I’m afraid you’re sick.” Ja’far tried to struggle from you as you pulled him from his work, but didn’t really put up a fight for how weak his  body was.

“[Y/n] I-I’m not sick.” He let out a fit of coughs and sneezes. You rolled your eyes.

“Yeah right mister workaholic. I don’t care what you say. Your health is more important that your work.” After more struggling you soon had to get Masrur to help. Masrur carried Ja’far like a sack of potatoes to Ja’far’s room.

“So he has finally done it.” Sinbad looked down at Ja’far as he was panting and looking completely miserable. You let out a sigh as you grabbed a  damp cloth and placed it  on his forehead.

“Yeah. He really works himself to hard. I swear I’m going to wake up someday and see him dead and his ghost will come back and still work.” Sinbad gave a  soft chuckle. You let out a sigh. Well if Ja’far’s sick that means that I’m in charge of his work.”

“No [Y/n]. I want  you to take care of Ja’far and make sure he stays in bed.”  And that is what you end up doing. Spending your day tending to Ja’far trying to make him as comfortable as possible. With a chair  you sat next to Ja’far’s bed reading a book as you waited for Ja’far to make a request.

“[Y-y/n].” Looking up from your book you gave a soft smile to Ja’far. “W-water please.” He mumbled. With a nod you took a pitcher of water from a nightstand and filled a cup of water. Carefully you lifted his head and brought the rim of the cup to his lips letting him drink.

“Thank you.” With a smile you brushed a few strands of damp hair out of his face.

“No problem. How about I go get you something to eat?” Ja’far gave a soft smile.

“That would be nice.”


You soon return with a creamy vegetable stew.

“Um…[Y/n]?” You tilt your head to the side as you sat on his bed with the stew in your lap.

“Yes master Ja’far?” Ja’far’s already flushed cheeks seem to darken.

“C-could you? Could you probably f-f-feed me?” Your eyes widen, and your cheeks turned a light shade of pink. But you smiled none the less. Thinking that the was adorable of him to ask to be fed.
“Of course.” So spoonful, by spoonful you fed him the stew until it was all gone. Once he was finished you set the bowl off to the side. “Is there anything else?”

“Y-yes. Could I… possibly.” Your smile widen at his stuttering, and from keeping eye contact with you; loving how he has been asking of things that dealt with he needing to get close to him. “C-could I lay my head… on your lap?” That was something that just melted your heart. Almost everything that he asked you to do almost felt like what a child would ask. With a nod of your head you helped him sit up before positioning yourself on the bed so that Ja’far could comfortably rest his head.

He looked at peace as he closed his eyes. Gently you raked your fingers through his hair. “Are you comfortable?”

“Y-yes very.” You placed your hand upon his forehead feeling the heat that came off his head. Ja’far looked up at you and reached up and rested his hand on top of  yours. “[Y/n].”

“Yes?” Ja’far closed his eyes.

“H-How do you feel about me?” Your eyes widen, cheeks turning to a light shade of red. He didn’t wait for you to answer. “I ask this b-because I really like you.” Your already red cheeks turned to an even redder shade.  

“U-uh.” You stayed silent processing what he had just said. But you just let out a giggle before leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss upon his forehead. “I really like you too Ja’far.” A small smile spread across his lips opening his eyes. You then pecked him on the nose before you smirked down at him. “Now sleep you workaholic and enjoy your sick day.” Ja’far gave a soft chuckle before closing his eyes once again going into deep slumber while his assistant and new lover watched over him.
So yeah I've been really into the Magi series lately and I've been board aaaand I know I have many other stories that I need to work on but hey, my life! I do what I want. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this. A cute little Ja'far story for you all.  And I think I will do another Magi reader-insert. So let me know what Magi character you guys would like to see a reader- insert of. And like always let me know what you think.

Also heads up I will be heading back to school in a week starting my final year of high school. I don't know if I'm looking forward to being a senior of not. But because of school I might not be updating as much. Anyways talk to you guys next time guys. 
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Lozioe Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Student General Artist
That's it. I melted.
Uhhhhh... I'm melting away...Blush 
I really liked it!
Thanks for writing this amazing x reader!
Panda-Otaku Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016  Hobbyist
You're very welcome.
Thank you for reply^^
Artgirl1313 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Super kawaii!! Awesome story
Lovely-Baka Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
It was definitely so cute! Really, it's a good job~ We always have time for a MagixReader ❤
Thank you very much for that sweet moment :)
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